While there have been positive strides towards gender equality in the creative space, there still is a lot of work to be done, especially when it comes to the field of Concept Art. In order to make the impact we want, we need to make it one of our focal points to ensure the greatest impact possible.
To this end, Terraform Studios is committed to being part of that transformation. We aim to improve the current landscape in several ways: by helping to raise awareness of Concept Art as a dynamic career choice for female-identifying creatives, by helping to recruit these talented individuals into the industry; and by offering introductory training at the high-school level followed by key educational scholarships post-high-school. By creating year-long scholarships specifically for women in collaboration with Brainstorm School, we can directly engage and inspire those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to enter the field.
This will ensure our goal of fighting for a far more equitable field in the future.

Terraform Studios and Brainstorm School(http://brainstormschool.com) will be sponsoring five chosen female applications for a full year of Brainstorm classes each.
This constitutes three full terms of one class per individual. These classes will be fully paid for by Terraform Studios and Brainstorm School.
Out of over 300 incredibly talented applicants, our partners from fantastic organizations listed below chose five incredible studens that were most deserving of the scholarship.



Anna Dinh


Anna Dinh is a Vietnamese
American Illustrator and Background Painter witha passion for visual storytelling. Her work primarily revolves around her love for color, light and landscapes. She enjoys creating warm and
inviting environments with
her original characters and plans to create her own story revolving around queer love.


Arielle Guevara


Arielle Guevara is a character designer and illustrator. Born and raised in the Philippines, she recently graduated with a BFA in Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design in May 2020.
She is very passionate about sharing her Filipino culture and her advocacy for environmental conservation through her work, particularly with ocean life.


Skye Liu


Born in China and raised in Singapore, I am an artist who loves many different things. I studied Fine Art and Illustration, before setting my heart on Concept Art.
To design characters, build worlds and write stories is my lifeblood and I aim tocreate fresh ideas, inclusivity and positive change in our entertainment


Samantha Chow


Samantha is a second year student Animation student studying at Sheridan College. She is passionate about 2D background design for Children's TV Animation. She hopes to pursue a career as an art director in the
animation industry one day. In her free time, she created the first Women In Animation Student Chapter at Sheridan and volunteers as a mentor for aspiring a
nimators in high school. She loves to digital
paint and go on nature walks.


Dan-Anh Hoang


Dan-Anh Hoang is a Vietnamese-American key frame illustrator and concept designer based in LA. Currently, a full time second year Illustration student at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasedena. Her specific skills include
digital painting as well as photobashing, 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting. She specializes in cinematic work that visually
spans from painterly to realistic, her personalprojects focus on different genre narratives
that center on LGBTQ+ POC.

scholarship partners

Thanks so much to the partner organizations that assisted with creating the scholarship and judging the applicants! We are extremely grateful for the guidance and help that these organizations provided.